Welcome to Kemi Guitars.

This is all about handcrafted guitars, electric basses, EUB's and pickups.

If you happens to be in Stockholm, Sweden you can visit Halkan's RockHouse and play on a demo guitar. He also have my new special pickups - Strat, Broadcaster and PAF's.

I have been working with reproducing different kind of Strat pickups and Broadcaster pickups from early fifties. Now I produce Strat pickups in the style of -57, -61 and -67 with the genuine look and style from that time. Ronnie Gustafsson is one great fan of my pickups and he is using them for the Shadows style of music. I hope to have some sound samples here soon.

My production includes new guitars; metal, traditional and basses with my own pickups...

Brian Locking, Pino Pini and Ronnie Gustafsson jam session in Italy. italy session

You can contact me by email info@kemiguitars.com and I will reply as soon as possible.

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